National Cancer Survivors Day - June 2, 2013

church candle

On Behalf of The Commonwealth Cancer Association we would like to extend our appreciation to Governor Eloy Ino, Lt. Governor Jude Hofschneider, and Angel Demapan.To National Office Supply, Micronesian Brokers, Modern Stationary, Dolphin Wholesale, Blossoms Florals, and Paradise Florist for their generous donations. Power 99 and KKMP Live Interview, Garapan Elementary School, Tananpag Elementary School, and Oleai Elementary School. Pacific Islands Club, NCD Bureau, Project Brabu, and CHCC for their presentation and support in the ribbon tying.Father Celso for blessing this past Sunday's Event. The Board Members, the Planning Committee, and the Survivors, Caregiver, Family and Friends for making the event ever possible. Thank you all.