Colorectal Cancer Awareness

Colorectal Cancer: The Cancer No One Wanted to Talk About

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Living with colorectal cancer can be challenging, and circumstances are unique for each individual.  Learning as much as you can after diagnosis is for many people one of the most important first steps in fighting the disease.  Talk to doctors, other health providers and educators, social workers, counselors, and others going through similar experiences.  Learn how the disease progresses, the level of care that will be needed, the types of treatment options, the expected benefits and side effects of each option, how to manage potential side effects, and what resources are available to help.  Read books and brochures, do research online, and become familiar with the pertinent medical, legal, and financial documents you will need to develop a care plan.  Knowledge is empowering, and the more you know about colorectal cancer, the better equipped you and your loved ones will be to navigate the path ahead.         

Consider also joining a support group.  Support groups provide a safe and confidential place to share ideas and experiences, learn practical strategies for dealing with cancer, and receive as well as give social and emotional support.  Here on Saipan, cancer survivor support groups are held on a monthly basis, usually at the Hyatt’s Chamolinian Room. In addition, online support groups are available through numerous organizations such as the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Survivors Network at